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Rio Grande Valley Division

We are committed to watching over your shipment so that we can be the front line if any problems should arise.

Distribution of produce

Due to the huge demand of produce among the largest cities in the Northeast United States, our McAllen location has grown considerably in servicing the agricultural industry.

The northeast part of the country specifically has a growing demand that is easily fulfilled by our McAllen location. One of the largest distributors for the west coast is in Arizona, however McAllen has the advantage of being strategically closer to the eastern seaboard and therefore able to more efficiently transport produce.

Why McAllen?

Shipments distributed from McAllen will save your company a considerable amount in freight costs.
Consider the following example:
Freight from Nogales, Arizona to New York will cost an average of $6,000. Meanwhile, freight from McAllen to New York will cost approximately $4,000. These savings of $2,000 add up once you consider the amount of freight required for an average shipment of 1600 boxes. A shipment like this would require 625 separate freight charges. Using our McAllen facility would add up to savings of about 1.25 million dollars.
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